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Other Ways to Give

There are many ways you are able to support our innovative and transformative programs.

Direct Your Tax Credit Contribution: Your Arizona Tax Credit is an easy way to support our after school and extra curricular programs, including multi-day field trips and Intersession.  People filing individually may contribute up to $200 and people filing jointly may direct up to $400 to our schools.  This amount is fully refundable on your Arizona tax credit.  Fill out the tax credit contribution form to direct your tax money to our students.

Event Sponsorships: CITY Center hosts a variety of impact events throughout the year.  If your business is interested in sponsoring the Pennington Street Showcase,  Community Days, Pachanga, PFFS Pancake Breakfast, EdCamp, Graduation, and more.  

In-Kind Giving: You non-monetary donation can include goods or services.  If you or your business is able to donate food, supplies, or specialized services, please let us know.  In-kind donations may also include paying for a service we use- an educational subscription, memberships, etc- on behalf of CITY Center.  

Volunteering: Our schools are always looking for volunteers.  Our schools use parents volunteers to support educational programs, drive students to school functions, set up for events,  and participate on various volunteer days.  Please complete the volunteer form if you are interested in a volunteer role in our schools.





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