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Paulo Freire Freedom School – Downtown is located in Downtown Tucson.  PFFS-Downtown opened in 2014 as a full-immersion STEM middle school (see Arizona STEM Network’s STEM Immersion Guide) and the vanguard demonstration site/lab school of  CITY Center for Collaborative Learning.  STEM education means many things to many people.  STEM education at PFFS-Downtown is about empowering students to tackle the real world challenges faced by the larger community. Our students are practiced problem solvers who think creatively and analytically; who propose solutions both in the classroom and the community.  By embedding our STEM curriculum in real world societal challenges we mold engaged citizens who are committed to the collective good.

Paulo Freire Freedom School – Downtown is a fully inclusive school which welcomes every learner.  We use an innovative interdisciplinary learning model which allows students to make powerful connections between big ideas.  This allows them to create authentic solutions to real-world problems.  


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