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Pennington Street Showcase

This fall's Pennington Street Showcase is happening on Thursday, December 8th from 5-7 pm at 37 E. Pennington. All families and community partners are invited to attend in order to see powerful demonstrations of real-world student learning.  We hope to see you there!

The Pennington Street Showcase is a public event where students demonstrate their project-based learning.  This is an evening rich in authentic, meaningful learning, the joyful celebration of student successes, and parent and community engagement.  

Held at 47 E. Pennington, the Pennington Street Showcase resonates with deep learning, musical performances, student art, food, and joy.

Project-based learning allows students to showcase their skills in far more authentic ways than any standardized test.  Additionally, the real-world audience of public demonstrations of learning means students receive immediate positive and useful feedback to encourage them on their learning journey. 

The Pennington Street Showcase

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